Registration / Login Instruction

Register 注册: 在‘Membership会员’区点击‘register’然后在下一个窗口输入你的‘username用户名’和‘email’,点击 ‘register’. 你的登录‘password口令’ 会马上被送到你的email帐号里。

Login 登录: 在‘Membership会员’区点击‘login’然后在下一个窗口输入你的‘用户名’和 ‘password 口令’ 点击 ‘login’你就进入了网站。 你可在下一个窗口的左上角点击‘profile’修改你的信息,在最下面你可输入你的新‘password口令’, 点击‘post’ 你就可以在这里发布贴子了。


In the ‘Membership 会员’ area click on ‘register’ and then in the next window, enter your ‘user name’ and ‘email’, click ‘register’. Your login ‘password ‘ will immediately be sent to your email account.


 In the ‘Membership 会员’ area click ‘login’ and then the next window, enter your ‘user name’ and ‘password’ click ‘login’ you will enter this website. In next window you can click ‘profile’ at top left corner to modify your information, in the bottom of profile you can enter your new ‘password’.

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